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Impact starts right here.

Do your employees know why they are going to a training workshop?

Probably not. The Advantage Way is a system that starts before the training so employees know why they are going, and what the goals are for when they get back on the job. See why buy-in and commitment are important.

Take a look at this short video and see if you recognize yourself.

The Advantage WaySM is a common sense approach to changing your learning culture based on the methods and tools of our proprietary High Impact Learning SystemsSM. When you make them a part of your company’s learning culture, employees apply what they learn in ways that create meaningful business impact. Backed by 30 years of research, our Success Case Evaluation Method® documents the result. We guarantee it. Your sky-high learning ROI will prove it.

How Advantage Way works.

We treat your business as a whole to get buy-in and commitment at all levels. Our process makes the connection between learning and your business goals so your people can create specific measurable business impact. Yes, we said measurable. This is how it works. LEARN MORE


Before Training

On your mark …

A successful process always starts with planning. Our practical approach builds a clear line of sight between company goals and the business impact a learner must make. Managers and learners are involved, committed, and aligned with their goals before any training begins.


During Training

Keep your eye on the ball.

Need we say, the training we offer is world-class! Employees develop new capabilities, build action plans, get skill practice in job-like scenarios, and stay focused on their role in achieving your company’s goals.


After Training

Results galore.

Our proven evaluation methods measure, monitor, and report the impact learners are having on your company’s bottom line. Measurable impact. ROI. When you can measure results, you can prove that learning means business results.


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