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Research shows that 85% of all training has zero impact on job performance. The Advantage Way system helps you beat those odds. Here are some examples of client success cases that achieve documented business results.

Swiss-based Holcim, Ltd., a leading global supplier of cement and aggregates, created a dedicated North American Learning Center whose initial aim was to launch a leadership program that would develop leaders and drive the key leadership traits of accountability and execution in areas of major significance to the business. Using the High Impact Learning process to drive the Building Leader Performance program successfully developed these skills and met their business goals.
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Sanofi-aventis was facing several market shifts and the CEO realized that creating more sustainable growth would require the company to transform. Instead of sticking to its traditional narrow blockbuster product profile, sanofi-aventis needed to become a comprehensive global healthcare leader. The Advantage Way along with two of our stellar program stepped in to drive performance and engagement by equipping their leaders to execute a new high-performance strategy.
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Chiquita needed to globally align their leaders with a new way of thinking as Chiquita moved from a “banana company” to a “fresh consumer products company”. Advantage Way was incorporated into the learning solutions with excellent results.
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Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. Salespeople were accustomed to offering specific products and moving customers through the ADP selling process in order to make the sale. Now they needed to think consultatively and align their sales process with their customers’ buying process, and they needed to sell to the C-Level. The Advantage Way was incorporated into the SalesOptimization process.
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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta needed to grow their leader bench strength. The Advantage way, High Impact Learning and custom leadership training all made the difference. We were able to impact the financials, competency, internal hiring, leader retention and more.
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