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Here are some samples of what you’ll find when you join the Advantage Way community.

System Tools

The Advantage Way system includes a full suite of processes, tools and techniques that support the entire learning and performance management lifecycle. Key system components include:

  1. Impact Map methodology — a breakthrough concept and tools for rapidly identifying learning needs, evaluating options, and prototyping innovative solutions. The map, once filled in, creates a clear linkage between your business goals and the skills/knowledge needed to achieve them.Example Impact Map
  2. Success Case Evaluation Method® — a proprietary process that rapidly measures and documents the bottom-line value of learning and identifies what is and isn’t working back on the job.
  3. Certification workshops and technology transfer — a powerful and highly engaging workshop for even the most seasoned Learning and Development professional. This developmental process will help HRD professionals crystallize the link between learning and business results. Participants will walk away with cutting-edge and highly practical skills and tools for implementing The Advantage Way.
  4. Manager alignment sessions — tools for helping managers increase their business units’ performance, results, and ROI from learning initiatives.
  5. The Advantage Way Library — access to a “best practice” library of tools, surveys, Impact Maps, manager job aids and guides, and evaluation studies used by other organizations in their implementations to achieve business results from learning.
  6. Consulting and implementation support — implementation coaching and support by a senior Advantage Performance consultant.


Community of Practice

Did we say colleagues? You’ll find them in the AW Community of Practice. This is where Advantage Way members network, share best practices, ask and answer questions – and help each other deploy Advantage Way in real-life situations to maximize its business impact across the enterprise.

It’s All There

Learning workshops that certify your HRD professionals. Success case evaluations that prove the business impact of your initiative. PowerPoint presentations that communicate and sustain your performance strategy. It’s all waiting for you inside the Advantage Way community. Become a member.