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Advantage Way Unplugged

It’s the real deal.

No pretense. No bells and whistles. Advantage Way is simply a common-sense system that allows learners and managers to team up with world-class training and superlative evaluation to create outstanding business results.

Here’s how:

  1. Learners and their managers are involved, committed, and focused before training ever takes place. They use practical tools such as Impact Maps  to create a clear line of sight between the upcoming training and the business impact the employees agrees to make.
    Why: So employees know why they’re being trained, what they’re required to learn, and how they’re expected to apply it.
  2. Employees attend or access world-class training. They create action plans that reflect the objectives they have agreed to achieve.
    Why: So employees can stay focused on their true business goals throughout the training.
  3. Back on the job, managers support and coach employees to apply their learning in ways that achieve actual business objectives.
    Why: So employees can apply new learning consistent with their action plans and achieve measurable business results.
  4. You conduct superlative success case evaluations that measure, monitor, and continuously improve the business impact.
    Why: So you can prove – and continuously improve – your outstanding learning Return on Investment.

It’s the one and only.

Advantage Way is unique in our industry. This system of learning methods and tools is an innovative, high-impact framework for building learning and business impact throughout your organization. It is based on 30 years of research and practice with leading organizations.

Advantage Way taps into the learning effectiveness and evaluation expertise of internationally recognized expert, Robert O. Brinkerhoff, EdD. Rob is the principal architect of Advantage Way and heads our thought leadership team. There’s nobody in the world like him.